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We’ll always remember you, EunB & RiSe ♡

R.I.P EunB. You really are beautiful. Heaven has gained another talented angel. 


Please report @kysadrian whoever this is they’re disrespectful and insensitive please help. PLEASE DO NOT SEND DEATH THREATS OR HATE TOWARDS HIM DON’T STOOP DOWN TO HIS LEVEL!

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Oh god what the hell


Twitter user @kysadrian has apparently decided to, for whatever reason, dedicate his Twitter to incredibly racist taunting of Asians in response to the death of 은비, a member of the pop group Ladies’ Code that passed away today in Seoul in a horrific car accident.

A POC behaving in this way is fucking tragic, especially when it’s direct taunting of the death of a young woman. Not that running “troll accounts” and acting like a piece of rotten meat was something exclusive to white people, but it’s disturbing at best.

Who fucking knows what the purpose of this is, but report this Twitter. I don’t have one so i’m going to encourage my followers to. I’ve gotten 8 asks directing me to this piece of manure, apparently he’s going out of his way to attack fans of the group with this rhetoric for.. what reason. I don’t know.


A. fucking. shame.






today i wore a v-neck to school, something that is totally normal for 99% of the girls there, one of the girls in my french class was wearing one similar to mine in fact.

but my french teacher came up to me and told me that i was out of dress code and that i was asking for something to happen to me.

and all day long i had to slap guys who found it perfectly okay to grab them.

im a 32DDD, 5’1, and 115 pounds. due to this im known around the school as the walking boobs, the girl who grew in other places, and BITS. I constantly get called a whore and a tease. 

Girls are always accusing their boyfriends of sleeping with me.

and there have been times when i have had to tell teachers that my eyes are up here.

i grew boobs in the eighth grade, i was a DD then, and i cant tell you how many fights i got into with guys who thought it was alright to stick their faces in them. 

the point of all of this is that its bullshit. 

i should be able to wear a v neck to school without worrying about who is going to grab my boobs next, or who is going to throw a gum wrapper in them, or what girls are going to say next.

Fuck that shit! I would report any teacher that needs to be reminded not to stare at your chest. That is not okay in any sense.

Also, I’d say screw slut-shaming, but this isn’t even a matter of dressing how one wants, but a matter of a woman’s natural state being the reason that men think it’s okay to sexual harass or assault her.

  • Large breasts are not an invitation.
  • Large breasts are not an invitation.

Are we clear?

xx SF

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I had to reblog this because she’s not even showing that much cleavage. But she’s totally right. Large breasts are NOT AN INVITATION.

track name: BTS Cypher PT.3 : KILLER (Feat. Supreme Boi)
artist: 방탄소년단
album: DARK&WILD
play count: 22529

your crush is coming”

"what should i do???”

act normal"



stealing ur man like:


"i got no jams but at least i got boyfriend"